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Horm – Casamania in Domosfera

The first in Ukraine official corner of the Italian factory Horm - Casamania was opened in the Domosfera shopping center. The items of this legendary brand are presented by Palazzo d'Oro Company (1st and 3rd floors). The opening of the corner attracted the attention of famous Ukrainian architects and designers. According to the opinion and experience of Victoria Alekhina, the founder and leading architect of the Alekhina Architects bureau, it is very convenient to work with the Horm factory, because it produces both functional furniture, on which it is very comfortable to sit, lie, communicate, arrange family and friendly dinners, as well as accent, original items that are an aesthetic and energetic component of the interior. The art director of Horm - Casamania Renato Zamberlan attended the event at the invitation of the owner of the Palazzo d'Oro company Veronica Goncharenko. “The philosophy of our brand is very simple: we create emotions and turn emotions into a product,” said Mr. Zamberlan. "We always create our product with pride and thoughts of the people who will use our furniture". Horm - Casamania collaborates with the famous Italian architect and designer Fabio Novembre. Fabio shocks and provokes the design world with each of his projects, but is always at the forefront of good taste, and also maintains a balance of originality and function. It is his armchairs Him & Her that open the exposition and, with its sensuous forms, attract attention of every visitor to the new salon. So, you can buy furniture and other items of Horm - Casamania in the Palazzo d'Oro salon: 101 Stolychne Shose, Kyiv, Domosfera shopping center, 1st floor + 38 067 558 46 56 + 38 067 625 50 60 - Telegram + 38 068 405 70 70 – Viber, Telegram info@palazzo-di-oro.com https://www.facebook.com/palazzodoro/ https://www.instagram.com/palazzo_doro To show the presentation was used a modern Loewe TV, provided by the Loewe brand showroom: 101 Stolychne Shose, Kyiv, Domosfera shopping center, 2nd floor + 38 067-344-7766 + 38 044-206-9-206 https://www.facebook.com/loewe.gallerydomosfera http://loewe.com.ua/ http://www.loewe.kiev.ua/ Floristic partner of the event - Fiori Company: 101 Stolychne Shose, Kyiv, Domosfera shopping center, 1st floor +38 067 238 57 74 https://fiori.ua/ https://www.instagram.com/fioriofficial/ https://www.facebook.com/Fiori.ua https://www.youtube.com/fioriflowercompany Partner for the organization and media support of the event - the Design tour program, hosted by Anastasia Kovaleva