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  • Olga Bogdanova recommends: table serving trends

Olga Bogdanova recommends: table serving trends

Famous Ukrainian architect-designer Olga Bogdanova visited the dishes, decor and furniture stores of the Domosfera shopping center, chose goods and showed how to express the mood with the help of table serving. Olga’s inspiration was autumn colors and naturalness.

The Design Tour team together with the host Anastasia Kovaleva accompanied the designer during the selection. So, for serving Olga suggested:

– Villeroy&Boch store

Plate Manufactura Rock blanc by Villeroy & Boch, Germany – 1348 UAH, Premium porcelain, d 32 cm *

Salad plate Manufacture Rock blanc by Villeroy & Boch, Germany – 849 UAH, Premium porcelain, d 22 cm *

Glass MetroChik by Villeroy & Boch, Germany – 2698UAH, crystal glass, set of 2  *

Napkin by Sander, Germany – 429UAH, 40×40 cm *

Contacts of Villeroy&Boch store in Domosfera: 097-833-14-70, 044-206-92-20, 1st floor




#Fiori store

Vase by Hakbijl Glass, the Netherlands – 1575 UAH, glass, h 40 cm *

Rabbit by AGO SRL – 8450 UAH, ceramics, h 50 cm *

Plaid Classic by OLLI baby, Ukraine – 2,100 UAH, 60% wool, 40% PAN, 130×180 cm *

Contacts of Fiori store: 067-238-57-74, 1st floor





#Posudmeister store

Set of champagne glasses Armonia by Rogaska, Slovenia – 3165 UAH, 2 pieces, 250 ml *

Cutlery Ston Wash&d Vintage collection by Pinti, Italy – 10998 UAH, for 6 people, 24 pieces *

Contacts of the Posudmeister store: (044) 344 34 92, 1st floor





– Palazzo d’Oro store

Rustic bowl by Muubs, Denmark – 250 €, teak roots, h 13 cm, d 60 cm *

Napkin Camou by Muubs, Denmark – 68 €, buffalo skin, a 45 cm, b 35 cm *

Contacts of the Palazzo d’Oro store: 068-405-70-70, 067-625-50-60, 1st floor



– салон #DominioHome

Table Filigree by Molteni&C (Italy) *

Chair Kilt by Ethimo (Italy) – outdoor furniture; frame from a tree teak, an upholstery from a braided rope *

Contacts of Dominio Home store: 068-855-59-77, 044-393-19-54, 2nd floor







*Prices are valid on 10.11.21
Availability of goods and relevance of prices, please check with these contacts

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