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Buongiorno, we are from Italy!

The new showroom “Natuzzi Italia” in the “Domosfera” is waiting for you!

The concept shop was created according to the project of the famous designer Fabio Novembre. The interior reveals the Puglian roots of the Natuzzi brand, reflecting the culture, colors and traditions of this southern Italian region.

The interior is made to see the whole range of upholstered furniture: at the heart of the shop is a central square-shaped relaxation area, from which 11 other exhibition areas are visible. This piazza-like space is accented with lights and arches that bring thoughts to the traditional architecture of Apulia (Puglia in Italian).

The landscapes of Puglia are characterized by farms, olive trees and a particularly warm light, which is transmitted through soft colors and tactile materials that create a calm mood.

“Natuzzi is the perfect translator to tell about Puglia to an international audience,” commented Novembre. “Places have a soul, and Puglia has always been a crossroads of different cultures living together in harmony. We are a symbolic bridge across the Mediterranean Sea”. We invite you to experience the Mediterranean culture and choose impeccable furniture that will bring harmony to your home.

Sowroom “Natuzzi Italia”, 2nd floor, left corridor near the escalator.

Daily 11:00-19:00.  +380 67 131 56 15

Shopping center Domosfera, Stolichne shose, 101

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