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TWLV - the chain of modern serving salons

Shops are presented in three large cities of country: Kyiv, Odesa and Dnepr. It is space for those who thinly feel beauty and wish to fill living by art and exclusive objects. In an assortment, everybody will find the special decisions for your own or a gift. More than 20 respected world brands of Europe and America are presented in TWLV: Wedgwood, Dibbern, Rosenthal, Georg Jensen, Tom Dixon, Riedel, Assouline, Robbe & Berking, Emaux de Longwy, Gien, Hering Berlin, L’OBJET, Le Creuset, Porcel S.A., WMF, Wüsthof and other. Here a buyer will find everything for serving, dining textiles, small household appliances, decor, and gifts. Each product presented on store shelves keeps a history: some objects are created by eminent designers, others are the result of centuries-old manufactories.

Each boutique of the network has a unique atmosphere of hedonism, which you want to enjoy and share. Carefully selected brands, a high level of service and an individual approach are the key to sixteen years of brilliant work of TWLV.

Boutique TWLV is waiting for you at the address: shopping center Domosfera, highway Stolichnoe 101, 1st floor



Wedgwood is one of the most famous British porcelain companies, whose name is considered synonymous with beauty, professionalism, and innovations in table setting for almost 250 years. The legendary company produces exquisite tableware in the best English traditions. This is an absolute classic that never expires. Services and design collections of Wedgwood — a universal solution for serving a wide variety of dishes.


The English company is a supplier of porcelain for politicians and historical figures. Wedgwood’s products served as the decoration for the tables of many high-ranking guests, including Queen Elizabeth II, Theodore Roosevelt, and the Russian Empress Catherine II, who acquired the famous “Green Frog” tableware.

To create a unique products, Wedgwood has always collaborated with renowned artists and designers who have presented the world with many author’s collection. Among them, the famous fashion designer Jasper Conran with the same-name porcelain collection, which has become world-famous, and Vera Wang, the most sought-after wedding designer who created the collection of wedding gifts. New original collections are being developed in England at the own Wedgwood Design Studio’s.

The porcelain production of the company is a combination of craftsmanship, centuries-old heritage, elegant beauty, unique technologies, and innovative developments. These qualities have made Wedgwood a leader not only in the UK, but also beyond.



Dibbern is a premium brand of bone china tableware comes from Germany. In the 60s of the twentieth century, the founder of the company Bernd T. Dibbern began his career in the restaurant business. He believed that the finest porcelain, which is enlightened in the light and, at the same time, unusually durable, would surpass competitors. The founder was absolutely right, and porcelain tableware of the brand began to appear in the best institutions. It differs from analogs in refinement, dazzling whiteness and the highest quality. Dibbern tableware serves dishes in five-star hotels and restaurants in Germany, London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Dubai, and other world capitals. The company’s production is concentrated in a sole factory in Bavaria. About 70% of the production is handmade.

Throughout history, Dibbern has released several iconic collections. The Black Forest and Golden Forest series are bestsellers by designer Bodo Sperline. The subtle silhouettes of trees on pearl white porcelain look unsurpassed in any serving. Cristiana de Corte, a famous French designer, created the Primavera collection. The minimalistic Solid Color series was a real breakthrough for the brand in the 1980s. Today it presents 35 colors, where only one color accounts for about 50 items, which allows you to create all kinds of combinations. The Dibbern novelties introduced Pastell collection — fragile and transparent porcelain, which became even more delicate thanks to the glaze of pastel shades.


Emaux de Longwy

Vases and decorate boxes of Emaux de Longwy are masterpieces of the enameled ceramics, which strike a look the disorderly conduct of paints. It a domestic production works from 1798. The manufactory was recognized by Napoleon Bonaparte himself, who placed an order for the entire imperial encirclement. Refinement and taste are felt in every object because the company’s production is still concentrated in France.

Over the years, the work of Emaux de Longwy combined a lot of trends. Orientalism, which was borrowed from Japan and China, can be traced in the oriental patterns of vases. The creators were inspired by the art of the east for patterns with birds and flowers. Also, in clear graphic elements and geometric shapes, you can trace the influence of art deco of the early twentieth century. The last years of the brand are held under the auspices of modern updated forms and cooperation with designers.

There is painstaking jewelry work stays behind every piece of Emaux de Longwy, which technology craftsmen carried through the centuries. Each product is entirely made by the same master: from molding and firing to the black contour and glaze, which is applied using the drop-to-drop technique. Manual manufacturing requires a lot of time and skill, so each model is available in a limited number from 5 to 120 units. Such decor items are truly exclusive and unique things, that are marked with a historical seal and are accompanied by a certificate of origin.



Rosenthal – German manufacturer of fine porcelain tableware, accessories for serving, interior items, and gifts. The company began to produce porcelain in 1879, and now it’s one of the leading international suppliers of products with the highest quality. The uniqueness of each Rosenthal item is ensured by production in its historical homeland — Germany. The brand presents dishes for everyday and holiday serving, as well as excellent options for status gifts.


The company dictates the trends itself, not follow them. Contemporary art can be traced in every collection, the diversity of which allows you to choose the perfect option for yourself. Rosenthal does not cease to grow, and the main inspiration at all times for the brand was art. The company collaborated with artists such as Walter Gropius, Luigi Colani, Andy Warhol, Mario Bellini, Ron Arad, Jasper Morrison and others.

A unique phenomenon was the conceptual series of vases The Lapp, The Wave and The Strip in collaboration with the incomparable Zaha Hadid — a world famous architect and designer. The company also focuses on leading designers of such fashion houses as Versace, Fornasetti, Bulgari. The Rosenthal meets Versace collections are a riot of colors, luxury of gold and the brand logo medusa on every item: from magnificent dishes and glasses to vases and cutlery.


Georg Jensen

Danish brand Georg Jensen produces cutlery, tableware for drinks and decor, which is associated with high taste and mesmerizing aesthetics. The most famous designer in Denmark began to create masterpieces of jewelry art from 1904. Georg Jensen came up with futuristic flowing forms that were complemented by the brilliance of polished metal and were far ahead of their time. The crown in the brand logo is not just an element, it indicates the age of the company, traditions, quality, and also that the brand is a supplier of the royal court.

For many years, the followers of the designer have supported his philosophy, artistry and production technology to produce tableware and interior items of consistently high quality. Each item is created exclusively by hand by one master, and production can take up to 300 hours. The company’s products will never lose their relevance, because the simplicity of the metal and shape do not reflect a certain style, it is something unique. Under the brand name of Georg Jensen, collections and individual items of famous designers Sigvar Bernadotte, Hennig Koppel, Arne Jacobsen, Viviana Bülow-Ube, Jacqueline Rabut were produced.


Collections of candle holders, dishes and trays, carafes, bar accessories, vases and decorative items made of high-quality stainless steel will become a luxurious addition to your interior. Georg Jensen — design with History.



Since 1821, Gien porcelain tableware has been produced at a factory in the suburbs of Paris. The company has become famous for making sets for royal courts, aristocrats, and dukes from all over Europe. Gien is the embodiment of the French lifestyle, sophistication, and luxury. Along with Chanel, Hermes, and Cartier, the brand is a member of the Colbert Committee, which brings together the best international representatives of the French market. The Gien factory bears the proud title of national treasure of France. The collection with the same name is exhibited in the halls of the Louvre and Versailles.

Gien porcelain is a predominantly white base with hand-painted Delft and Rouen paintings. Always these unique and inimitable products cannot be compared with a simple service. The company throughout history has collaborated with designers and artists to create unique faience. Collaborations with the impressionists Dominic Grenet, Ernest Claire-Gaillot, Eugene Petit, Felix Lafond, and Jean Cachier brought the workshops gold medals of the World Paris Exhibition.

Today, Gien is also actively cooperating with artists and boasts a fully hand-painted pottery. The collections of dishes are decorated with light watercolors with landscapes and motifs of Paris, Provence, Tuscany, and even India.


Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon is one of the most famous industrial designers of our time. He received worldwide recognition due to the unusual approach and craftsmanship of welding, and also created the eponymous brand.


Tom Dixon specializes in industrial design, designs and manufactures luxury furniture, lighting and decor. His works are included in the exhibition of the New York Museum of Modern Art, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, and has repeatedly been awarded prestigious prizes in the area of industrial design. All items created by Tom Dixon are works of art sold in 62 countries.

Tom’s creations become the central part of any interior and invariably attract admiring glances. The dynamics of the famous S-chair, spherical chandeliers resembling chemical vessels, clear and strict silhouettes of Beat vases — designer put a little of his rebellious eccentric disposition into each item.

Unusual geometric elements, as well as the sparkle of gold and copper, which the designer is so famous for, add luxurious accents to the restrained interior. You can dilute plain furniture with a table lamp or a whole composition of futuristic copper lamps from the Melt and Void collections under the ceiling. Items from Tom Dixon will be the best choice for both home and office interiors, because these are bestsellers, recognized as works of art.



True connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages around the world and experienced sommeliers prefer Austrian crystal of Riedel company. The family business in the eleventh generation since 1756 produces decanters for aeration of wine and functional glasses for a wide variety of drinks. The Riedel glassmaker dynasty is based on the creative enthusiasm of hereditary glassblowers who have created a new approach to wine glasses: first, the discovery of the drink, then beauty with the highest quality. Riedel products are a must-have for connoisseurs of bar culture and the true taste of drinks.

The Austrian brand is a leader in the production of crystal glassware for home and professional use. The main advantage of Riedel decanters and glasses is that they are designed to fully reveal the properties of drinks. Special glassware allows you to fully enjoy the whole bouquet of aromas and tastes of wine. Over the years, crystalware has been perfected and reached the ideal.

Handmade decanters are created by the most experienced craftsmen of the Austrian company Riedel. These are vessels of bizarre shapes that show wine on the other hand. Old wines are decanted to separate the sediment, and young ones to saturate them with oxygen, which helps the wine open better and demonstrate a more complex combination of tastes and aromas. The company’s assortment also includes glasses for a wide variety of wines, whiskey, champagne, brandy and all kinds of cocktails.


Robbe & Berking

Robbe & Berking is a brand that has been producing silver cutlery for true gourmets since 1874. The company’s cutlery is an immortal classic that will be relevant at all times. Cutlery sets, special accessories, glasses, napkin rings and much more — everything is made manually from the highest quality silver. The Robbe & Berking manufactory symbolizes uncompromising and unsurpassed quality combined with skilled German craftsmanship.


Robbe & Berking cutlery can be seen on the tables of the best hotels and restaurants in the world, which are marked with Michelin stars. Currently, half of the largest yachts in the world are equipped with silver products with the mark of a German company. After years, the brand manages to maintain and develop a table setting culture.

The stunning performance of Robbe & Berking comes next to the design solution. The Avenue collection is the best evidence of the fact that real art is timeless. The relief and semicircular edges create a charming play of light and shadow. The Alt Spaten series provides a classic look at exactly what cutlery should be. The shape of the pens and handicrafts are a tribute to the tradition of the 18th century. One of the latest creations of the manufactory is the collection 12, inspired by yachts. The series was developed by German designer Daniel Altner. The cutlery handles resemble the stern of a yacht, while the blade of a knife is an open sail.


Hering Berlin

Hering Berlin is one of the leading German porcelain manufacturing companies. Business cannot be separated from the historical homeland, therefore all production facilities are concentrated in Germany.

The founder of the company, Stephanie Hering masterfully works with forms and the embodiment of design ideas. Stefani’s space for creativity is a biscuit porcelain with a velvety texture. Glaze covers only the main part of the plate, while the edges remain matte. Hering Berlin products have a modern design and clear lines. Thanks to innovative design and unsurpassed German quality, the company’s tableware quickly became a part of the leading manufactories in Europe.

The designer complements simple and concise forms with illustrations. So the Ocean collection with illustrations of marine life brought Hering Berlin great popularity. Deep as an ocean blue, the cobalt color used in the collection looks amazing. Also noteworthy is the PIQUEUR series with illustrations dedicated to the forest and animals. Each item in the brand’s collections is handmade and is advantageously combined with other tableware. The series is united by one style concept, as well as the milk-white of biscuit porcelain.

Le Creuset

Le Creuset is a beautiful and elegant cookware made of cast iron and ceramics. The products of the French brand have been produced since 1925 in the small town of Frenois-le-Grand. Pots and pans of the company have long been associated with high French cuisine, because it’s not only lovers of cooking at home are among their fans, it’s also chefs from around the world. The cookware is created to enjoy the preparation and taste of each dish. For over 90 years, every Le Creuset item has been handcrafted from reliable and durable materials.

The brand’s first creation was an enameled red cast iron pan. Le Creuset was able to make simple dishes more functional and attractive, which brought the company popularity. Since then, modern cooking has evolved with the brand. Now Le Creuset produces high-quality cast iron cookware, stone ceramic refractory cookware, kettles, stainless steel products, kitchen accessories, and these are just a few items from a wide range of products. The brand presents products in a large number of colors so that everyone can choose the perfect option for their kitchen.

Le Creuset cookware has been manufactured for years with technology that delivers brilliant results. Cast iron billets are cast in a special form, after which they undergo a multi-stage control system, undergo grinding and are coated with Glissemail special enamel. It is made on the basis of glass and meets the highest environmental safety requirements.


Porcel S.A.

Porcel S.A. makes high-quality porcelain tableware that look wonderful both in casual and festive table setting. Since 1987, the brand has been offering connoisseurs of quality cookware many elegant collections. The Portuguese factory carefully monitors the quality of products, choosing the best raw materials for the manufacture tableware. The best Limoges porcelain France is famous for is delivered specially for Porcel in Portugal.

Porcel skillfully combines handcraft traditions and technological innovations in manufacturing to create high-quality, stylish and creative products. Future dishes and plates are molded and dried. After that, the preforms are fired at a temperature of 1400 ° C, which ensures porosity of the porcelain, its usage resistance and long service life. Then the future tableware is covered with glaze and decorated using precious metals and paintings.

Offering a wide range of products and investing in research and development of new models and collections, Porcel strives to follow market trends and requirements. The brand annually presents new series at international events in the area of product design. The company presents porcelain for every taste: from classic collections to a conceptual modern vision of table setting.


Wüsthof is a German company with 200 years of history and invaluable experience that produces legendary knives. They are rightfully considered the highest quality and sharpest kitchen knives in the world. At the huge factory in Solingen, production is fully automated to achieve the best benchmark results. With improved manufacturing, Wüsthof products remain as sharp and reliable as they were two centuries ago.


The knives of the German company are made of a special alloy of chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel. The patented metal gives the products special strength, high resistance to corrosion and oxidation, gloss and excellent cutting properties. Amazing sharpness, as well as the optimal geometry of the edge of the blade,  is achieved thanks to special sharpening technology PEtec (Precision Edge Technology).

Each knife goes through more than forty stages of manufacturing and quality control before falling into the hands of the future owner. The development of knives begins with computer modeling, which helps to calculate all the characteristics and make the design balanced and ergonomic. The blades are forged from a single sheet of carbon stainless steel, after which the workpiece is hardened. Anatomic handles are made of non-slip plastic for comfortable operation. Some collections are knives with handles made of black African wood and metal.

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