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The DOM store presents products of leading world brands in the field of cookware, kitchen tools, equipment and barbecue accessories

The DOM store is a unique and stylish project, which presents products of leading world brands in the field of cookware, kitchen tools, grill equipment and barbecue accessories! In one place there is everything you need in order to fully equip a kitchen with any design and organize a tasty rest in the fresh air!

The DOM provides access to the best brands of stainless steel cookware and kitchen accessories, known to every European, from stainless steel and other materials imported to Ukraine directly from manufacturers from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, France, England such as BergHOFF, Rosle, Emsa, La Rochere, Amefa , Revol, Richardson Knives, Nordick Ware, Mikasa, Reed and Barton, Madeira; well-known brands of grills and accessories and consumables Big Grin Egg, Broil King, Grill Pro, Rosle, Maverick, Rockwood, as well as useful products for everyday active life, such as thermobags, brought directly from the USA, Canada, England, Germany and other countries. and tack of the American brand BUILT.

The store provides a high-quality service of consultation and selection of suitable products for each customer! A feature of the service that the store provides is the opportunity, when buying a grill, to order free delivery in Kiev and the surrounding territories, a presentation (first launch of the grill) and free assembly of grill equipment.



BergHOFF is a well-known Belgian brand that has been creating, manufacturing and distributing exquisite designer high-quality dishes, kitchen accessories, grills and kitchen textiles for more than 25 years.

Over the years, Berghoff Worldwide has won a wide variety of design awards. In total, about 100 of the most prestigious international awards were awarded, the most outstanding of which were Red Dot and Good Design for aesthetics, design and functionality of products.

In Ukraine, the BergHOFF brand has been known since 1997 and is very popular. The official distributor of the company implements high standards of customer service. You can always get expert advice and purchase products using the bonus discount system. Modern BergHOFF is represented by four series of LEO, GEM, RON and ESSENTIALS, which will satisfy all tastes and design style of the kitchen.

The brand allows you to fully equip the kitchen with everything you need, as well as provide a comfortable and tasty recreation on the landscape thanks to a good selection of grills and barbecue accessories category OUTDOOR.

The designers and the developers of BergHOFF brand products regularly monitor the quality of goods, the latest developments, they are not afraid to experiment with various design ideas and are very attentive to the opinions of their customers.

Berghoff – yes, you are right!

Big Green Egg

The company Big Green Egg was founded in 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Through the continuous development of technology, Big Green Egg has developed the ideal Kamado stove model – a ceramic grill that has endless cooking possibilities – it’s just a grill Icon!


Over 40 years of development of the Big Green Egg brand, represented by 7 different models and more than 130 accessories, managed to gain credibility, love and trust of people in more than 44 countries.

The features and advantages of Big Green Egg brand products are unique ceramics developed by NASA and made in Mexico, thanks to which, the ovens withstand up to 100,000 heating / cooling cycles – more than any other oven, as well as precise temperature control, the best service in its class and lifetime warranty.

Each product under the Big Green Egg trademark is carefully monitored at all stages of production. The company is certified according to ISO 9001.

The company is certified according to ISO 9001, which guarantees high quality products. Big Green Egg strives to inspire people with the ultimate culinary experience, arousing their feelings and sharing with them the best that nature has to offer.

Broil King

The global brand Broil King was founded in 1986 and is known worldwide as a manufacturer of grills and barbecue according to the highest standards of quality and productivity.

It is represented by the leading family-owned Canadian company Onward Manufacturing Company, which was founded back in 1906 and produces a wide range of products created for the perfect barbecue, with production facilities located in Kannada and America.

A huge benefit of Broil King is that the grill is created by a family-owned company that constantly improves the quality of the product, increases the amount of steel of its own production, which is constantly improving its focus on long-term development.

Broil King is the largest range of grills that will satisfy any functional and design need, a wide range of accessories that will help you cook anything and any way, and of course the legendary grill system that gives incredible cooking results.

The brand is represented by premium class gas grills of the IMPERIAL and REGAL series; popular series BARON, SOVEREIGN, MONARH, SIGNET, CROWN and others; portable, very convenient for transportation, accessible to each series of gas grills PORTA-CHEF; KEG series of KEG coal grill ovens, SMOKE smokehouse and a series of vertical gas and coal smokehouses.

Also in 2019, Broil King introduced a new unique product – a pellet grill, which is designed with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for remote monitoring and control of the cooking process, as well as equipped with a digital display that facilitates the operation of equipment.

Broil King® is synonymous with quality, it’s a way of life! Go out into the fresh air and start a new life in the barbecue style!


La Rochere

La Rochere is the oldest operating glassworks in France. This family-owned company is located on the border of three French regions – Lorraine, Franche-Comté and Champagne. Year of foundation 1475!


La Rochere has the status of a Living Heritage Enterprise in France. For more than five centuries, glass craftsmen have improved their art within the walls of the manufactory. It was here that the famous amber-blue service Romantic appeared, which Chopin gave George Sand. It is still one of the best-selling La Rochere handmade products.

Along with blown glass products, La Rochere offers a large collection of machine-made mechanical glassware.

Many forms of glasses were inspired by drawings from the archives of the manufactory. Famous glasses with a bee, a French lily, glasses in the Renaissance style, beloved by all of Provence.

Glasses from La Rochere are an indispensable attribute of a country house, summer terrace, a cozy cafe or pastry shop.

At the same time, La Rochere collaborates with modern designers, producing ultra-modern, fashionable design forms that restaurateurs and decorators around the world like so much. La Rochere – 100% French!



Rösle was founded in the Bavarian town of Marktoberdorf (Germany) by Karl Theodor Rösle in 1888. At first, it specialized in the production of tin products, and already in 1903 began to produce glassware made of enameled metal, and in 1907 – various kitchen tools.

Since the 1930s, Rösle has completely switched to making dishes, and one of the first in the world to offer consumers stainless steel dishes.

Having survived with Germany all the historical cataclysms of the turbulent twentieth century, Rösle maintained its status as a family business, which in itself guarantees traditions of high German quality.

Among the company’s priorities are attention to detail, exceptional product functionality and a variety of innovations.

Rösle products comprise several areas: high-quality premium cookware; functional kitchen special tools that allow you to perform any work in the kitchen; products for bars and the revolutionary Open Kitchen series, which allows you to store the tools you need when cooking in your kitchen “at hand”.

A separate area of the Rösle brand is the production of popular spherical coal grills – high-quality, practical, mobile, durable devices that have won the hearts of consumers around the world.

All Rösle developments are designed by German engineers taking into account all ergonomic requirements, tested by professional chefs and only after that they get into mass production.


Amefa was founded in 1931 in the city of Apeldoorn. It made a revolution in the production of knives, introducing advanced technology for their manufacture in a single-block method, when the knife is made from a single piece of stainless steel.

This not only increases the strength of the finished product and increases its service life, but also makes it easier to care for, since there are no gaps between the blade and the handle of the knife.

Today Amefa is the largest supplier of cutlery in Europe. Among the company’s customers are hotel and restaurant chains, department stores and supermarkets, as well as shipping companies and airlines all over the world.

Amefa cutlery can be seen even in the residences of some heads of state. Amefa products meet the highest quality standards, combining great design and high functionality with attractive prices.


Revol’s culinary porcelain has known in Europe since 1789. The family company founded by the brothers Joseph-Marie and Francois Revol and has guarded the production secrets for eleven generations.

Porcelain tableware have still made in France at a modern factory in Saint-Ouze, according to a secret recipe that includes clay, quartz, and kaolin. Due to firing at high temperatures, porcelain reaches extraordinary strength and scratch resistance.

Since the handles of pots, baking pans, and cocotte have molded in a single form with the main product (and not separately, as usual), you cannot be afraid to accidentally break them off.

Especially for its products, Revol introduced several completely new solutions. Firstly, this is the only one porcelain in the world not just covered with colored glaze but also dyed in mass.

Secondly, only Revol porcelain pans can be used both in the oven and on stoves of various types: electric, induction and even gas!

Nordic Ware

Nordic Ware is a leading manufacturer of innovative and high-quality kitchen products. The company gives convenience, versatility, and pleasure to the customer during cooking by making the highest quality cookware and distributing it around the world.

Nordic Ware was founded in 1946 by housewife Dottie and her inventive husband Dave, who had recently returned from World War II. Dottie and Dave set up production in the own home basement in Minneapolis, Minnesota only with $ 500 in the pockets, few good ideas, and desire to start his own business. Firstly, the Nordic Ware product line consisted of only a few ethnic Scandinavian products yet times have changed!

Nordic Ware still manufactures the vast majority of the products in Minneapolis after 70 years. The Scandinavian-style product line has supplemented by hundreds of other products, ranging from baking pans to utensils for microwave ovens and grill accessories.
They have been working on family business for three generations, adding innovative ideas and original details to Nordic Ware goods.

Undoubtedly, the Bundt® pan is Nordic Ware’s best-known product, can be in more than 70 million families around the world. This product gained worldwide fame when it was been used to bake the winning cake in the national baking competition. It was then that the Bundt® pan found its way into the hearts and homes of people all over the world.


Creative Tops

Creative Tops is not only an independent trademark but also includes brands (Everyday Home, Katie Alice, La Cafetière, V&A) united by common features – home decor and British quality.


The style of the British brand Everyday Home is understandable to anyone interested in a comfortable arrangement of life’s mode. Cups, trays, plate stands, and travel mugs – all of this combines the beauty and high quality of recognized leaders in the field of home décor.

Inspired by charming rustic England British designer Katie Alice creates dishes and household items that perfectly match her passion. Cups, sets, cutlery, trays and much more develop with the author’s brand design that allows you to create the impression of colored English gardeners, ancient relics and antique inwrought textiles.

La Cafetière has been satisfying the exquisite tastes of coffee lovers for over 50 years, offering the best accessories for making coffee. The atmosphere of a cozy cafe created in your house will set you up for a leisurely and calm pastime, while coffee pots and French-presses themselves will delight you with the high quality of each product and the thoughtfulness of every detail.

Only the best materials have selected for the manufacture of these goods since high quality is a priority for any British brand. Thanks to the soft and warm colors, the products will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of your home, bring comfort, and various design solutions will satisfy every taste.


In 2003, several students from New York decided to combine their common passion for innovative design with a love of good wine and delicious food. The result of their joint work was the use of neoprene as the main material for the implementation of the ideas, which, in turn, led them to create the company Built.



Built’s goods offer a fresh look at the everyday things, reveal the functionality of familiar objects from a new perspective, amazing with bright colors and impeccable quality. Neoprene can maintain temperature and using the ability Built is engaged in the production of thermal bags and thermal covers.

The company also produces in a large assortment of indispensable accessories – the oven-gloves, potholders, towels and so on.
Contrasted New York City is the trendsetter in the rapidly changing world to this day, inspires designers to create many products.

Richardson Sheffield

The English brand Richardson Sheffield has made knives since 1839 and has been synonymous with quality. Richardson always seeks to provide to own customers with innovative and high-quality products, therefore, using the most advanced technologies for products manufacturing.
The company uses high-quality knife steel with high carbon concentration including molybdenum and vanadium for the manufacturing of the Richardson knives. There is also a premium line with the so-called Damascus steel VG-10 with a hardness index of up to 61 HRC on the Rockwell scale. This provides firm toughness and durability of the blades. The wedge-shaped blades of the knives taper off from the top to the cutting edge, which guarantees surprisingly easy cutting, durable and sustainable usage.
Thanks to the exceptional sharpness and excellent ergonomics, such knives are not only suitable for domestic but also for professional usage.
Knife handles just fit perfectly in the hand, which provides easiness and comfort even long-time working with them.



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