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Showroom of contemporary Ukrainian furniture, light and decor.

HIS — showroom of contemporary Ukrainian furniture, light and decor. Project HIS was launched in 2015. After precise selection process we have choosen 150 best Ukrainian manufacturers and their bestsellers.

In our showroom you can see a series of Red Dot winning products such as Ollly table by Pavel Vetrov and Zegen — Red Dot 2015, Grid collection — Red Dot 2016, Tao sofa — Red Dot 2017.

If you have missed Ukrainian exposition at Maison and Object or Paris Design week it is not a problem anymore, come to see it all in our showroom — The Planet chair by MZPA, chandeliers and panels by Yalanzhi objects, ceramics by Goloob design, lighting by Next level design, decor by Hochu Rayu and many others.

You have not enough time for selection process? We provide service of turn key furnishing for your apartment, house or office. HIS has everything you need — furniture for living room, bedroom, dining room, office, bar; light and decor, wallpapers and even carpets.

HIS. Modern Ukrainian design arrived!


Next Level Design

NEXT LEVEL DESIGN STUDIO is a company created in 2014 by two outstanding people – a talented designer Artem Kolyuka and furniture manufacturer Mykola Savin.

NLDS is located in the most western and very old city of Ukraine – Uzhhorod. Being surrounded by Carpathian mountains NLDS continues the tradition of high qulity wood processing for the production of unique wooden decor and light fixtures.

In 2018 NLDS introduces a separate branch – NEXT LEVEL LIGHTING which is focused on design and creaction of outstanding and unique light fixtures from eco-friendly wooden materials.

We are sure that each product wehave created must be just perfect. We take enthusiasm, imagination, experience and profes of our co-worker, the thoroughness and skill of their hands and we put it all in our products. For now we are a team of 12 people and we are always in creative process and in the non stop saerch for new, constructive solutions. We combine maximal functionality with an exclusive design and environmental aesthetics and we named it among ourselves  –  Carpathian Modernism.

ROMP Furniture 

ROMP Furniture – це дизайнерська майстерня, яка від ескізу до упаковки виробляє вічно трендові і довговічні меблі з дерева, сталі і листового металу.

Задумуючи свій перший виріб і малюючи його ескіз, засновник компанії ROMP FurnitureРоман Прокопчук, знав, що починає історію меблевого бренду з дизайном поза часом.

Меблі ROMP проводиться в Черкасах з 2010 року шляхом скрупульозної роботи над втіленням авторських ідей. Дитяча мрія стала справою всього життя – творити і створювати вироби, які прослужать не один десяток років і стануть справжнім культурним спадком Вашої родини.

Yalanzhi objects

Designer Yulya Yalanzhi, the founder of Yalanzhi Objects, came to the design from art, and in many art projects, the author never neglected the interior decoration and utility. «My activity is always at the crossroads of design and art, so the art projects were logically transformed into design», says Yulya Yalanzhi. The collection history began in 2017 in Odessa, when Yulya’s spectacular art project, «Cell Practice», based on the papier-mâché technique, was presented. The main protagonist of the installation is a «cell mass», formed from the segments similar to the honeycomb cells or living matter, growing and moving from one space to another. The project sculptural forms inspired the artist to use their physical properties (lightness, enviroment friendly material) and create the lighting units. The light fixture collection (pendant lights), presented at Maison&Objet, is made by combination of materials such as paper (papier-mâché technique) and metal. Therefore, each object embodies all the qualities of an elegant décor item and a lighting fixture, i.e. practicality, functionality, strength, versatility, and unique «piece» work of art. Each lamp is handmade and can be ordered individually.


ZEGEN history has started from 2008 with the idea of furniture manufacture that meets the requirements of modern personality. Since those times, while creating the products of our brand, we combine functionality and practicality with the aesthetics of regular and strict forms.

We create our collections in cooperation with gifted designers.

Pavel Vetrov – designer of OlllY, GRID, INFAME and ASH collections . The concepts of OlllY and GRID collections were awarded by the prestigious international Red Dot Design Award in 2015 and 2016.

Andrei Mogila – designer of  DUOO collections.

Natural veneer used in our products put them naturalness and originality.

Experience of employees, the use of modern technologies ensure the durability and reliability of each product of ZEGEN factory.

A wide range of our products allows you to choose furniture for both the residential sector (living rooms, libraries, bedrooms and dining rooms) and for commercial (office space, hotels, restaurants etc.).

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