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Dura is exclusive English furniture for garages

As a completely innovative product in the European and Ukrainian markets, Dura brings design to where it does not even get any idea of it.

Dura is exclusive English furniture for garages. A universal assortment of modular cabinets, wall units and floor covering allows you to create individual solutions, regardless of room size and its purpose. Dura furniture makes it possible to rationally use the space and helps to wave off the backlog and disorder.

For convenient storage of small and bulky items, including lawn mowers and bicycles, a special panel system has been created — StorePanel®. Each hook and basket on the panels have a strong coating and do not harm hang up things.

The cleanliness and neatness of the room are provided by special tool units. Large pullout drawers withstand the load up to 200 kg!

Dura offers a wide variety of floor tiles that are designed specifically for garage conditions. Strong plates do not allow the equipment to glide and provide fixity.

Perfectly painted furniture, best components and thorough fit of the elements – that is what characterizes the quality of Dura.

Owing to its functionality, an ordinary garage turns into an ideal place for doing sports, storing garden staff and home appliances, as well as into the most comfortable place not only for customers, but also for their favorite cars and equipment.

Dura Awards — Queen’s award for enterprise: International Trade 2012 and Red dot design award.

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