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A I R exterior studio


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A I R Exterior Studio is a salon of garden furniture, lighting and accessories.

The salon features outdoor furniture, garden lighting and carpets, as well as home fragrances and home textiles Missoni Home.

It is an exterior studio dedicated to conceptual design, design and equipment, providing comprehensive solutions for open areas, country houses, restaurants, hotels and yacht clubs.

A I R Exterior Studio – studio is an exclusive partner of the Belgian factory Royal Botania, as well as well-known world outdoor brands such as: Kettal, Exteta, Fast.

The salon also features the largest home textile exhibition Missoni Home.

All of these factories around the world are synonymous with quality, taste and unique design.

Royal Botania is a Belgian company that is a legislator of modern trends in the world of garden furniture design.

Elegant, eco-friendly and memorable collections are used in a variety of areas: patio, swimming pools, houses and garden grounds.

The company uses stainless steel, aluminum, teak and textile synthetic fibers as its main materials.

Kettal is a Spanish manufacturer of designer garden furniture. Since its founding in 1964, Kettal has had an international calling for design and innovation.

Today, Kettal works with the most famous names in international design: Jasper Morrison, Patricia Urquiola, Rodolfo Dordogne, Hella Jongerlius and Studio Emiliana Design. Kettal’s mission is to create timeless furniture, functional and expressive, that represents modern culture.

Concept of our salon:

Salon A I R Exterior Studio presents a large exhibition of garden furniture, lighting and accessories. The salon has a large warehouse program, which allows the buyer to choose the goods from availability.

The studio collaborates with such well-known global brands as: Royal Botania, Kettal, Fast, Exteta, Petite Friture, Fatboy, Dedon, Varaschin, Fim (outdoor sheds), DFN (Dolcefarniente), Roda, Limited Edition carpets, home Textiles Missoni Home, fireplaces, fragrances for the house Culti.

The main goal of A I R Exterior Studio is to comfort the Buyer at all stages of cooperation. Studio specialists provide a range of services, starting with the design and completion of objects, ending with post-sale service. The products of the world’s manufacturers meet all the requirements of reliability, durability, usability and aesthetic appeal.

A I R exterior studio are beautiful and comfortable things that create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

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