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Show-room «KING KOIL» is an official and exclusive partner of American company manufacturer of mattresses «KING KOIL» in Ukraine

In show-room «KING KOIL» are exhibited products for sleep like mattresses «King Koil», pillows and blankets «Sanders и Sleep Professor».


King Koil

«King Koil» is an American legendary mattress brand which was founded in 1898.

«King Koil» is an ecological mattresses which were gathered and sewed manually.

An American Association of Orthopedists and Chiropractices were recognized «King Koil» mattresses and foundations like the best orthopedic sleep system in the world. The unique spring systems were developed taking into account individual features of the person.  Combination of multifunctional springs gives to «King Koil» mattresses unusually sensitive to every body movement and at the same time the ability to withstand extreme load.

A comfort of «King Koil» mattresses is combined with care about your health: the unique two or three level system of support, patented and innovation materials provide an ideal support of spine, allowing to a free blood circulation, not pinching blood vessels regardless of person position during sleeping and allow to have a really health and revitalizing relaxation.

«King Koil» mattresses are the high, volume and one-side mattresses. Turn-free system is the guarantee that during the one-side operation the mattress won’t be crumpled and deformed during many years. «King Koil» mattresses are capable to support people with big difference of weight. Spring systems are so reliable that can withstand any loads. Spring systems are developed in scientific laboratories exclusively for «King Koil» company.

«King Koil» mattresses are successfully come an European standard tests and that is corresponding to 25 years of intensive operation. «King Koil» brand has got admission of the best world hotels and important persons.


Deutsch brand «Sanders»  was founded in 1823 and produces linen and sleep accessories. The company is leader in the technology field of feather processing.

The pillows and blankets from Deutsch manufacturer «Sanders» is regularly have quality tests. «Sanders» products are useful for health and give positive effect for psychophysiological state of the person due to improvement of the sleep and relaxation.

The philosophy of the company is “more deep, calm and healthy sleep”.

«Sanders «is producing the pillows and blankets  for the premium hotels like «Intercontinental», «Martinez», «Ritz», «Hyatt» and others.

Sleep Professor

An American Company «Sleep Professor» is world leader manufacturer of orthopedic and anatomical products for sleep.

The goal of the company is the improving of sleep quality.

«Sleep Professor» pillows carry out the function of orthopedic and anatomical support of spine. These pillows improve a comfort and quality of sleep.

«Sleep Professor» pillows solve such questions like: the right support of the head and spine during sleeping, improving of blood supply of brain, improving of brain activity, solve the snore problem, neck pain.  Also, the pillows have antibacterial and thermoregulation effect.

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